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Sep. 9th, 2010


revisitng LJ

Oh wow. it's been more than a year since my last LJ post. I miss blogging.
I miss having time to blog.
I miss being a student where my biggest problem was Father David.

Sheldon is suuuppppeeerrr funny!
Congratulations to Jim Parsons for winning an Emmy!

My butt aches. Why? Long story.

Jun. 27th, 2009


(no subject)

visiting dog aika loves me.
and i love her.
i love arvinteddy.
love vlogs, youtube stars, fresh laundry smell, vacation leaves, french fries, cheap finds and KFC asian salad dressing.
love love loooove having my nails done and my long hair.
also love snippets of alone time, twitter and facebook.

i am a love whore.


most likely to be my last post after a long while. so follow me at twitter or add me in facebook
or not my last post.

i dunno.

May. 6th, 2009


Jennifer Hudson

Im His Only Woman featuring Fantasia - Jennifer Hudson

Aluv this song!

Sorry LJ for not visiting you as often as I used to. Blame it on Facebook apps.

Mar. 24th, 2009


"High school" field trip


Back from Pangasinan! So how was the 2 day-trip?

It started out with Arvin and I being late for 1.5 hours. So we bought guilty tuna sandwhiches to appease everyone.

Before heading out to Pangasinan, we went to Manaoag first to pray and ask for a safe trip.

Andami palang nagtitinda ng mga religious items sa labas ng Manaoag. Coupled with blow up Dora the Explorer dolls. We fell in line with the other people to buy candles to light... may iba't ibang prices ang mga kandila... sana same lang ang effectiveness ng 3 pesos na kandila vis a vis dun sa 6 pesos kasi yung 3 pesos lang binili ko.

Then, of all the places na pwedeng kainan, we chose to eat sa Mang Inasal na ni sa Eastwood meron. Hahahah!

We finally arrived sa The Last Resort, yun ang name nung place (i am not kidding) na unang dapat pagsstayan namin. And can I just say, the last resort talaga and The Last Resort. See our room:

Tipong lalabas si Manilyn at hahabulin siya ng Undin sa taas ng scariness factor ng place.See our scared faces....

Ok, not so scared...Eto scared

Kaya lumipat kami.

The second place was better. The place is called Vista de las Islas and they have free videoke use (yey for me!)

That night, not much happened. We ate, swam in the kiddle/ pwede nang pang adult pool, shared scary moomoo stories, wished on a falling star, reminisced about iconic HS teachers in the small nipa hut thingie and ate lots til we were crazy full (loved the srhimp fuyong!) Oh, and of course nagvideoke ako with Arvin. heheheh...

Ohh... ohhh.. almost forgot, the resort has this spa place that gives a mean ass foot and leg  massage for only three hundred pesos.

We woke up at 6AM for our 6AM boat ride. haha. Again, 1.5 hours late.


Papuntang Hundred...

Started with a "hiking" trip in the first island (Governor's, je pens) that reminded all of us of the Makiling trip. The ate who took our picture on top of the mini mountain was surprisingly slang as she said "one, two, three, smile!"

Then we went to the Children's island where there were literally lots of children. We took our "animals of the sea" pictures.

Before heading off to Quezon Island, they all went snorkeling. Naiwan ako sa balsa mainly because I got scared of the jelly fish na sobrang madami. I actually got stung in the 30 seconds na tinry ko. That's how lucky I am.

We were suppose to go to Quezon Island after but after seeing the mass migration of jelly fishies we voted against unloading and went home to eat a Maxine's.


Loved their Kilawing Talaba.

Tas uwian na.... Babyeeee!!!

Pero siyempre bili muna ng touristy stuff:

That was basically it for our 2 day-trip. Short, magulo, scary and fun. Til December guys!

More pics here!!!

Feb. 26th, 2009


talking brain, POWER HUG and random Muchos pics

habang nagaantay ng elevator sa bahay, bigla akong kinausap ng utak ko about an issue that has been bothering me for a while.

nagulat ako kasi ang clear nung sinabi nung utak ko. although in the end i ended up not yielding to what my brain just said but still.

my effing brain talked.

ok, we all have internal debates pag may iniisip tayo... pero this is a first for me. kasi ang distinct ng voice. tas i was not even thinking about that issue at that very moment.

and then poof, bigla lang nagsalita utak ko.

i. am. going. insane.
At dahil kay JustJM, I am spreading the love.... PO-WER HUG!

Kahit feeling mo andaming bawal... Mahal na mahal pa rin kita. Sobra.
Random pictures sa videoke place naming Muchos...

Hahahah.... Ito and time na pumunta kami dun at nagbunga ng "Bye-bye-bye" music video.

See more here and here because i suck at loading so dalawang cuts.


Feb. 21st, 2009


on cameras, events, outlet stores and game nights

at dahil matanda na ako, nag "game night" last week dito sa condo with friends. played poker, taboo and pusoy dos. we almost downed a whole bottle of bacardi. arvin made a batch of strawberry daqiuris that were sooooo goood..... drool.

ANNOUNCEMENT: i am the queen of pusoy dos.
bow down before me.

it so reminded me of a lot of will and grace moments.
or for those how i met your mother fans out there: MARSHGAMMON!
my highschool batchmates are going on an out of town thing this march. and because of the fact that daddy is coming home a day prior to the said outing, hindi ako makakasama.

why is it that when life is boring, wala talagang nangyayari? pero pag naman may nangyayari, sabay2?
i never saw the point of having a camera before. but now, i am thinking of buying one.
marami palang outlet stores sa marikina riverbanks mall. may nike, guess, mossimo... hmmm. and may dampa pala sa marikina.
gusto ko pa rin ng kape. hanggang ngayon.
now playing; DEXTER

Feb. 15th, 2009


Valentines day, haunting old pictures and ohana

Thanks love.Loved our "Valentines Day" day.... And thanks for putting up with my "ako lagi winner" attitude.
^ Taste buds too unsophisticated for wine (Outback, Libis)
I'm cleaning my laptop and these two pictures haunt me....

^See how long my hair was back then.... I miss my long hair.
^See how thin I was back then (yes umiiyak ako sa picture. di ko din maalala bakit. something trivial. just like the time i cried about "que rico." incidentally though, the person who took this picture is named rico. hahahah)

This picture does not haunt me though... it makes me.... feel nostalgic...and miss everyone in the shot.

^for some reason sa ibang direction nakatingin si tita jetty....hehhe

Feb. 9th, 2009


"Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans", Sentai and Captain Planet

While walking Aika today, nadaan kami sa construction site dito sa Eastwoood and the smell of freshly cut wood reminded me of the days nung ginagawa pa lang ang bahay sa Essel.

Semento pa lang ang floor nun. Parang yelo pag gabi.

At ang pinakamalaking problema ko nun ay pag nagbblink ang chest ni Ultraman kasi nawawalan na siya ng powers.

Second to that ay kapag nawawalan na rin ng powers si Captain Planet at kailangan na niya ng sunlight para lumakas.


Sa isang scene sa "Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans", nag-make love si Lucien and vampire girl sa mga bato-bato.

I know I was supposed to feel the firey hot passion and the burn of their forbidden love amidst the coldness of the cave.

Pero ang inisip ko lang, "Ang sakit siguro kung masingitan ng bato sa pwet."

Going back to Captain Planet:
Theme Song - Captain Planet</div>


Feb. 7th, 2009


Metrowalk Booboo

At a wine place somewhere in Metrowalk:
Edgie: Kuya pengeng nachos.
*Kuya nods and walks to the bar*
*Kuya returns*
Kuya: Eto po ba?
*Kuya hands Edgie a bottle of hot sauce.

Magka-rhyme nga naman. Hot sauce - nachos.

Feb. 2nd, 2009


Human Parthenogenesis and Aika

Arvin's mom is in the hospital. Please pray for her speedy recovery. When I saw her sa hospital bed, it reminded me of my own ma when she was sick. Bad memory. Flush out, flush flush....
Lumaki ang dede ni Aika all of a sudden, with lumps and mukhang magbburst na kaya pinavet namin (that and she keeps on scratching kahit walang ticks or fleas). And ang findings?

She was pseudo-pregnant.

A virgin pregnancy. Nice di ba? What if this also happens with humans? Di ba may palusot na si ate kung bigla siyang nabuntis kahit wala asawa niya. She can just say, "well I faux-conceived." *relief*

That being said, see: http://www.xyhd.tv/2008/12/rants-and-tangents/how-real-is-human-parthenogenesis-and-eclampsia-on-house/
Other new is doglandia, ang mura ng dog clothes sa Bioresearch sa baba ng Megamall.

Usually mga 300 or 400 para sa large na shirts. Sa Bioresearch, less than half the price. Steal for me. Unless you know a store that sells them cheaper pa then I am all ears.
I have the coolest mom. I keep on forgetting to post this on my journal but it is true. She is cool and I heart her like mad.
And because I was beyond booked last week, I was not able to write for EPH. I felt like a total slacker. SLACKER!
Off to watch Ghost Whisperer!
Oh, by the way, tried the Ebizu eat all you can sushi and I am hooked. Although the service was slow, best to order like crazy then when you are halfway finished, ask for another batch. Cant get enough of you, uni.
I started taking French lessons again last Sunday. Loving the lessons. Missed the language.

This is why I will close with the French refresher course...
Pagpasensyahan na at mahirap magspecial characters kaya wala na muna yung mga special letters.

Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix....

J'mapelle Christia. J'ai vingt trois ans. J'habite a Eastwood. Je suis tres belle.

Comment ca va? Moi? Ca va bien.

Ou est le fromage?

Ah bleeding brain.


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